Kayak Fishing – Giant Tarpon and Jack Crevalles – 4K

Kayak Fishing – Giant Tarpon and Jack Crevalles – 4K

Josh headed out kayak fishing with Deep Blue Kayak Fishing charters and Bluewater Boat Rentals to catch a huge tarpon during the annual mullet migration in Florida. While paddling along the beach we found a massive school of mullet with dozens of tarpon feeding. We were using live mullet for bait. After a few missed opportunities, Josh finally hooked a big tarpon. The fish jumped out of the water and began towing Josh offshore into deeper water. After a 40 minute fight and a one mile tow offshore, Josh landed the tarpon. We estimated the weight of the tarpon between 130-150lbs. It’s the largest tarpon Josh has ever caught from a kayak, a new personal best. After the long ride back to shore, we discovered that the mullet school had moved south. While looking for another school of mullet, we found a huge school of jacks feeding. Josh, Matt and Eric all caught several jack crevalles before calling it a day.

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Filmed in Florida!


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